Whether trolling on Lake Ontario, or wading the famous Salmon River while on a float trip, these fish will provide you an unforgettable fight. With average weight being in the 20 pound range and a mindset of determination, Salmon are an adventure every time you hook one. No matter how you want to catch them, it is a guaranteed adrenaline shot. While trolling you can expect long, deep runs peeling 100 yards of line before you can say "FISH ON!". In the world class Salmon River, bring your "running shoes" and a strong will for success when tangling with these amazing fish.
One word for these colorful beauties - AMAZING! Imagine a snowy winters day drifting down the Salmon River with 6-8 lb. test on the reel of your 9 ft. rod ticking the bottom or chucking a float of a deep cut when WHAM!! There he is. The fish of you're DREAMS at the end of your line. Then you see him, a 15 lb. silver bullet. After 25 minutes of a tremendous fight your knees begin to shake and your forearms shivering.
Brown Trout are a fish that can be targeted on the lake or the tributaries of Lake Ontario. The best time to tangle with one of these is during the late fall and early spring season. They can be caught using a variety of fishing techniques, but always using a light line which will challenge any fisherman.
With 6 lb. test and an ultralight rod, Smallmouth Bass fight with extreme anger. You can expect bull-dogging deep runs and suicide like acrobatics. These fish keep a smile on everyone's face all day long. With doubles being frequent, let the dance begin!!
These majestic creatures are known as the "tuna" of fresh water when it comes to consumption. They are very elusive in the way they travel which makes them a top priority for anglers. I offer ice fishing, giants at night off Lake Ontario tributaries during Spring, or Walleye's in Oneida Lake and its tributaries throughout the Spring and Summer. Walleye fishing offers fun for the whole family.

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